Thursday, August 4, 2011

Singapore was humid and hot and very green.  The entire country is so full of vegetation that you feel like you are walking around an arboretum.  This city-state is made up of majorly Chinese, Malay and Indian decedents resulting in amazing cuisines!! Regrettably I didn't get to eat all the delicious food ;( Interesting about this "fine" city was that there are so many Fines.  For example, chewing gum $1000, smoking $1000, eating or drinking in public $500, carrying Durians (fruit) and many more. (You had to report to custom if you are bringing gum into the country.. because it's illegal to sell gum.. CRAZY!)  That's how they keep their city clean!  The city sectioned offed with different cultures and historic building so you can experience the cultures you desire.  It's like having 3 countries in one.  My stay was short but if I'm ever in the neighborhood down there I would visit again to eat all the yummy food!!!


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