Friday Afternoon


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Testing out my sx-70 on a quiet Friday afternoon.

Jenna month 3


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Jenna. Isn't she adorable? She's my best friend Kate's niece.  Very calm baby although she did cry for a bit during the shoot.  I guess she wasn't ready for all the required dress changes for modeling.  But I got her to smile and tell me some stories when she got comfortable again.  I am excited to see this baby girl grow up!

Sam 1 year!


Sam is back and this concludes our long but short journey of her first year to this world.  I watch the movie "Babies" last weekend and it reminded of Sam a lot. Every baby from different culture is brought up differently but the fundamental of raising kids are universal.  Hope she can look back at these photos and remember how much she is loved.  See you around Sam!   



Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 weeks ago I just packed up and went to Japan for 9 days.  While I was there I visited my friend,Yoshimi & Kuni, and finally met the lil guy, Takuto (aka Taku-chan). I knew him before he was born but didn't get to meet him until this year.  He is very smart, speaks Japanese and English, enjoys daily walk around town with his umbrella, extremely curious, loves books but super super shy.  He also eats a lot- I mean is it normal for 23 month old baby to eat 1 apple, 1 banana, 4 strawberries, few slices of cheese and 2 cups of milk in one sitting? and some more sometimes??? I can't wait until I see him again.. Hopefully he will remember my name when I visit him again in near future.

More travel photos @

Sabeen & Ali's Engagement Dinner


Sabeen and Ali's engagement dinner was so colorful, due to all the gorgeous saris everyone wore I was blinded by all the bling.  A New Jersey-native movie director gal meets Chicago-resident sporty finance guy.  Although they have very different interest, they make one good looking couple.   (They already decided on the days of the week, that they are going to teach each other about Art & Sports) The overall theme of the party directed under Sabeen with mix of red and white and gorgeously lit with floating candles in tall vases with a witty idea of white hydrangea center pieces sprayed with red paint. 
I can only imagine how their wedding is going to turn out next year! 

Sam's 10th Month


Here's Sam's 10th month! (March) She's getting prettier and prettier! Still drooling a lot and putting everything in her mouth because she's probably curious of how everything taste like.

Sam's 8th Month


Sam's 8th month was back in January but I'm updating them now. Yikes. It's been a quite a crazy month. She will be turing 1 year old this month.  Wow! The year went by so fast.  I'm looking forward to her walking on her own when I pay her a visit this month.

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