Monday, August 12, 2013

Lindsay and I went to college together and we were the most experimental duo who would rent out 4x5 cameras and shoot with them.  (Well.. probably the only two, who would rent them out!)  Although I would say Lindsay was little more experimental than me since she would cut up the negatives and collage them up then go into the darkroom to print, while I liked to keep my negatives finger-print-free as possible.  Since she moved to Florida after graduating we tried very hard to catch up with few of our other friends when Lindsay came up for a holiday visits.  Last time we tried getting together she had to cancel our dinner last minute.  Then we found out the reason for canceling was due to being pregnant with "little bean" (one of JC's many nicknames).  This time I had a pleasure of meeting the little fella at the near by park, where we went to school.  He was pretty big for a 4 month old but still adorable!! Hope I get to catch you guys more while you guys are around!

The Anderssons


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aren't these girls just adorable? Originally from Finland, the Anderssons have been living in Korea for 2 years.  Tua and Olli had three beautiful girls.  Vera, the oldest sister, was so helpful when it came to holding Stella, the baby, during the photo session. And cute Erika kept her energy high throughout our stroll around the park and kept everyone else feeling energized. We had a deal during our play time that for every 100 photos they behave well, Mommy and Daddy will reward them with a lollipop.  At the end of the shoot, Erika asked me how many photos we took.  She seemed to think we took around 200 photos since she and Vera got 2 lollipops each.  I winked and told her I might need to learn how to count again ;)

The Kims


Thursday, May 23, 2013

I photographed the Kim girls last summer in Pennsylvania when they were visiting family. This time, I had the pleasure of visiting them at their home in Korea.  Little Carlyn changed so much since I last saw her! She’s definitely come out of her shell. Lovely Marley was calm as usual.  Occasionally, she’ll share her opinions and thoughts of the workings of the world.  You will not believe the eloquence of this 4-year-old. Oldest sister Ella is sincerely the best oldest sister anyone could ask for. She manages her family with such good humor and grace.  Our day consisted of a little fashion show with casual clothes and Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), a ride around the block with the scooters, and standing against the wall in height order to see who’ll outgrow Mommy first.  Hershey, their adorable chocolate dog, jumped in for some play time too!  Check him out sneaking into the family photo! (Hint: He’s hiding in a bush in the upper right-hand corner.) :)

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