Friday, June 22, 2012

These are my favorite photographs of my mom and her siblings, taken in LA this spring.  We were missing one of my uncles (he lives outside the country) but it was so fun photographing such a loving family.  My mom (on the right) doesn't get to see her brothers and sisters often unless there's a family event that summons us all to one place, so I wanted to give her something memorable.  I think the mission was a success!  They had so much fun-- being together was probably more than enough to bring the happiest of smiles to their faces-- and they did a great job following my silly directions.  ;) More photos to come with the rest of the family members.  Happy Friday Everyone! Xoxo

Allison & Zack


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A few months ago I was in LA for a workshop and this cute couple showed up to be our models for the day.  They were Allison, an adorable blogger of Hello Lately, and Zack, a graphic designer.   Despite the 20 or so eager photographers swarming around them like bees around sweet flowers, they were so in love that they were able to escape into their own world, away from the cacophony of clicking shutters.  Thanks for letting us "attack" you with our cameras and capture some wonderful moments.  Xoxo

Happy Father's Day!


Friday, June 15, 2012

To the Best Dad in the world! I love you just the way you are-- well maybe minus one or two things ;) Happy Father's Day!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and memorable weekend with their Dads!

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