Kate & Wayne's Wedding

Monday, July 4, 2011

Yes, what you are thinking is correct.. All I've done for past 5 weekends were all wedding related.. This one finally concluded all the weeks of stuffing my face.  (until next month.. Andy & Jeanne's wedding coming up)

Last weekend Kate and Wayne finally said the "I do" to each other after dating since their summer of freshmen year in college.  They looked so gorgeous and handsome, it was just perfect.  They kept their ceremony short and danced the night away.  Although they were very concerned about the rain, since it poured the entire week, the rain held off and the mother nature provided them with an ideal condition for their big day.  The food was excellent and Kate's love of 80s and 90s music kept everyone moving and shaking.  I was warned if I took too many pictures and not enjoy myself she would not be happy with me so I kept the snapping to the minimum and stuffed myself with more food.  As they are cruising through south Caribbean at the moment I want to congratulate them again, big shout out to Mr. & Mrs. D, I love you guys and see you when you return!


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