Andy & Jeanne's Paebaek

Friday, August 5, 2011

Paebaek is, a Korean traditional wedding ceremony, usually held after the official ceremony only with the presence of the immediate family members.  It is a gesture to show respect to the groom's parents from the new daughter-in-law.  She offers dates and chestnuts as paebaek for the father-in-law and beef jerky and food for drinks for the mother-in-law.  Then the parents throw the dates and chestnuts, which symbolizes sons and daughters, to the newlywed couple.  I think Andy and Jeanne ended up catching lots of them.  10 Children or so.. haha.. We had fun revisiting our tradition and Jeanne's family got to learn and experience the Korean culture a bit more.  Afterwords we stuffed our faces with delicious Korean food by Andy's mother.

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  1. Great photos, Rowa! Thanks for the posting.


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