The Anderssons

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aren't these girls just adorable? Originally from Finland, the Anderssons have been living in Korea for 2 years.  Tua and Olli had three beautiful girls.  Vera, the oldest sister, was so helpful when it came to holding Stella, the baby, during the photo session. And cute Erika kept her energy high throughout our stroll around the park and kept everyone else feeling energized. We had a deal during our play time that for every 100 photos they behave well, Mommy and Daddy will reward them with a lollipop.  At the end of the shoot, Erika asked me how many photos we took.  She seemed to think we took around 200 photos since she and Vera got 2 lollipops each.  I winked and told her I might need to learn how to count again ;)


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