Ella & Marley & Carlyn + Andrew & Sam

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

These adorable sisters were visiting their relatives in Pennsylvania from Korea, an annual summer vacation ritual.  Each of them have very different personalities but were so loving of one another.  Ella, a six year-old, was the best big sister anyone can ask for.  She has so much energy and a sparkling personality.  And when it comes to taking care of her younger sisters, she shares her toys without any hesitation and becomes mom's most trustworthy helper.  Marley, four years old, is quiet at first but once she warms up she'll share many of her thoughts of the world with you.  She also has the most contagious giggles that will leave you smiling for hours.  Last but not least, Carlyn, two years old, just takes your breath away.  This gorgeous little girl gets jealous when anybody else is near mommy, but she is lucky to have two very understanding big sisters who will let her keep mommy to herself. They love playing with her when mommy's not around.  Their cousins, Andrew and Sam, took care of their little relatives like they were their own siblings and accommodated whatever they could so that they would enjoy their stay. I had a blast hanging out with these kids. Please stay healthy and lovely till I see you again next year! xoxo


  1. These are seriously the best pictures I have ever seen of them. Thanks love!


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