Vik, Iceland

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vik is a small town on the southern coast of Iceland, 2.5 hrs southeast of the capital Reykjavik.  Iceland doesn't have many roads and their highway Rt 1 is a two-way street that goes around the entire country.  The landscape on the way to Vik was so surreal that it didn't feel like a real place but a 2-dimensional painting.  Near Vik is Dyrhólaey, a famous black sand beach with a rock arch.  It was dark and stormy when we arrived but I stood patiently on the cliff and waited for the right moment… And the sun finally broke through the clouds! While waiting I did almost get swallowed by the crashing waves. Yikes!  On the way back to Reykjavik, I saw some Icelandic horses grazing at the foot of some beautiful mountains.  These horses are so friendly that you can just hop on and ride them for an hour, and return them to the wild afterwards when you're done.  I really love their funky hair!


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